Digital Billboards

The best Digital Freeway Networks in the top OOH Market

Advantages of Digital Billboards

• Unparalleled flexibility to fit your digital needs
• Provide up-to-the-minute dynamic content
• Frequently change creative message
• Flexible daypart and daily rates
• Perm Digitals available

14' x 48' Digitals

• Large Market Coverage of prime freeways
• "Head-on" approaches
• Centrally located freeway network

• Perm Digitals available
• Flexible daypart and daily rates

• Best rates in the L.A. market

SPECTACULAR 25' x 48' Digitals

• Digital face is over 1,200sq. ft.
• Largest off-premise digital freeway sign in Southern California
• Located on the 5 freeway
• Visible from incredible distances

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